Ski Trip Blog – Day 3

day 3 ski 29

We woke up to more stunning weather in Courmayeur this morning! The sun was shining, the skies were clear and everyone was ready and raring to head up the mountain! When we arrived at the gondola to take us up the mountain there was a large group of professional skiers waiting to head up for a slalom race so there were lots of excited and inspired Pinewood children after our encounter.

Once we’d kitted up we then went our separate ways again. The beginner groups again headed to the ‘baby bowl’ where they continued perfecting their turns and one group even managed to go up a small slope on the button lift and skied down it! The other beginner group are also doing brilliantly and will be heading up on the button lift tomorrow!

Groups 2 – 5 all continued to work hard on the slopes taking on board lots of advice and improving their skiing whilst enjoying the prefect conditions.

When we got back from skiing we showered, dressed and tidied dorms for the ongoing dorm competition and then had a bit of relaxation time ahead of supper out tonight. We have just returned from a delicious supper at a pizzeria in town where we had lots of different pizzas to enjoy and some birthday celebrations for a few children with birthdays on the trip. The children are now settling down into bed ready for another day of skiing tomorrow.

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