Success at St Mary’s Calne Aquathon

St Mary's Calne Aquathon June 16 4

We set off for St Mary’s, Calne with a minibus full of nervous girls, who were a little uncertain about what they were about to embark upon.  A warm welcome at St Mary’s helped to put their minds at ease a little and the U8s soon got into the pool to get warmed up for their 50m swim, followed by an 800m run. A super run by Matilda Makin allowed her to finish third overall and the podium place set the tone for the rest of the Pinewood team.  The swimming and running distances increased for the U9 girls to 150m swim and 1500m run; but both girls swam and ran well and finished 1st and 2nd with super smiles on their faces. The U10 and U11 girls faced stiff opposition and a larger field, but all performed well for their first attempt at an aquathon.  Our day ended well with our U12 team, as Peyton Lloyd set an impressive pace over 250m in the pool and was characteristically quick around the 2000m course, finishing over a minute ahead of the opposition; an exceptional run from Susi Rochmankowski resulted in 1st and 3rd podium places for Pinewood.  It was a great team effort with all the girls offering support and encouragement throughout the afternoon.  In summary, “it was hard, but it was good fun!”