Sun & Moon Art Competition

art 15

The response to the art competition on the theme of SUN AND MOON was amazing and some fantastic work has been produced.

For the first time there has been insufficient room to display all the entries on the board at the top of the main stairs, and the display does look very impressive.

The work has been very varied and often showed considerable effort and thoughtfulness of approach. I do encourage everyone to take a moment if they can to come and see the display.

Rather than pick winners I have awarded a prize to every child who entered the competition, but did ask some individual pupils and  members of staff, selected at random, to pick some favourite pieces of work.

Pupils who were mentioned included:

Mahony Knight, Liggy Lawson, Tom Pritchard, Dorothy Johnstone, Hector French, Marina Prichard-Jones, Amelia Edwards and Alexandra Edwards.

The pupil whose work was most often admired was Cosmo del Mar for his Eclipse Over Tower Bridge and by this reckoning that makes him our winner. A splendid result for Cosmo, who always enters the art competition and has not won until now.

For more photos of the competition entries please go to the Photo Gallery.