Talk by Auschwitz Survivor, Freddie Knoller

Freddie Knoller

Another fantastic term at Pinewood and lots of staggering events that will blow your mind, but there was one that clearly caught my interest: Freddie Knoller – he was one of the most interesting men that I have ever met. He honestly inspired me because he was such an inspiration from his survival through the Holocaust. He is now in his nineties and still remembers his life before the world war. He is the man that I shall never forget.

By Oscar Wray

Ninety-four year old Freddie Knoller is a person that we will never forget. All the things he has been through are just unbelievable. The BBC film that he used was based on an interview with him; it was very sad and heart rending.  I am amazed that Freddie Knoller was close to death so many times but still never gave up. He has been an example to us and I’m so glad that he came and talked to us. After about all the things he has seen and been through while people died around him I am going to look at life in a different way now.

By Harry Fuller