Talk by Auschwitz Survivor, Freddie Knoller


On Thursday, 94 year old Freddie Knoller came to speak to Year 7 and 8 at Pinewood for the amazing 10th time.

Mr Knoller was born in Austria in 1921 into a Jewish family. In 1940, Adolf Hitler decided to take over and persecute the Jews, so his parents sent Freddie and his 2 elder brothers away for safety. To hide, he had to change his passport and whole identity, but was eventually found out and taken to (multiple) concentration camps where he watched millions die and do torturous physical labour.

His story is so inspiring, and really makes the 21st century generation think about how fortunate we are and how he and many others suffered. His story is an eye-opening, motivating and captivating one, which we were so lucky to hear about.

By Connie Campbell-Gray