‘The Seasons’ Whole School Art Competition

art 9

Well done to everyone who took part in the whole school art competition, there were some beautiful pieces of art, and particular congratulations to our winners (it is noteworthy that our overall winner came from Year 2!):

Reception: Ella Spencer-Jones

Year 1: Jessica Ramage

Year 2: Charlotte Ramage (runners up: Louis Lopes, Timothy Smyth)

Year 3: Ollie Smith (runner up: Zara Spencer-Jones)

Year 4: Alexandra Edwards (runners up: Matilda Richards, Evie Page, Polly Lloyd)

Year 5: Emily Lyon Taylor (runner up: Tom Lawson)

Year 6: Hester Donald (runner up: Tara Lockhart)

Year 7: Lucia Harrison

OVERALL WINNER: Charlotte Ramage (Year 2)

The winning entries and some of the other entries are on display at the top of the stairs in Middle School (outside the Headmaster’s office).

Please go to the photo gallery to view more images.