Year 2 Electricity Day

electricity 11

In Year 2 we had an Electricity Day. In the morning we went to the Prep School Science labs. Mrs Lyon Taylor, Mrs Hunt and some of the Year 7 children showed us how circuits work by making a human circuit using sweets as energy! We also made our own LED torches, which we were allowed to take home. Back in our classrooms we made and tested lots of different circuits using bulbs, wires, batteries, motors and buzzers. In the afternoon we read a story about two aliens, called Zola and Zilo, who visited planet Earth to get their broken milkshake machine working. They met some children who used their knowledge of electricity and circuits to repair the milkshake machine. We also used energy sticks to make a human circle of electricity. When we all held hands and made a complete human circuit, the energy sticks’ lights flashed and buzzed. We had a great electricity day!

Zoe Cameron and Jamie Majlund-Wilkinson