Year 2 Visit to Sheepdrove Organic Farm

sheepdrove 4

On Tuesday 17th March we came to school very excited about our trip to Sheepdrove Organic Farm.

When we arrived Meg the farmer showed us into the farm’s kitchen. We made delicious pizzas made from food that was grown and produced on the farm. The dough was made from wheat and the ham came from the farm’s pigs.

After making the pizzas we went on a tractor and trailer tour around the farm. During the ride we were shown all the different ways the land on the farm was used. Some of the land was used for grazing their 2000 sheep and 400 cows and some of the fields were for growing crops like wheat and barley.

We had lunch and then played on a big hill, it was great fun! Finally we went on a walk and visited the pigs and their piglets in the woods, they were very cute! We also visited the cows and calves, one of the calves was only 2 hours old. We had to be very quiet so we did not scare it. Meg told us how they look after the animals and about their life cycles.

We had a great day and the pizzas were delicious when we ate them for supper!

By Oscar Fitzgerald and Hector French

For more photos from the trip please go to the Photo Gallery.