Year 3 Camp

camp 22

Year 3 thoroughly enjoyed their first experience of Pinewood Adventure with a night under canvas.  On Friday 19th June, a very excited group of children, ably assisted by their parents, set up their tents and made their beds (more glamping than camping!) ready for the Year 3 camp.  Under the watchful eye of Mrs Smyth, Mrs Harrison and Mr Cooper, the children had a wonderful time eating hot dogs, swimming, hunting for treasure, roasting marshmallows and singing songs round the camp fire.  Here are some of their memories from a fantastic evening ……


‘First at Year 3 camp night we built our tents.  It was hard work but in the end we did it.  After that we had a really fun play on Treetops.  We toasted marshmallows and they were yummy.  We also did Pinewood’s Got Talent which was very impressive!’

Fred Doherty

‘We made our tent as cosy as we could.  After that we were all really hungry and couldn’t wait for camp tea.  We had hot dogs and delicious chocolate muffins and then had an awesome session of swimming and Treetops. ‘

Eli Benbow

‘When me, Tom and Elliot got the tent it was rather easy to plan.  It was one of the first tents up.  Finally when every tent was up we got to played ‘Duck, Duck, Goose’.  After that we had hot dogs which were delicious.  My favourite bit was the treasure hunt.’

George Campling

‘Suddenly we were going to have a Treasure Hunt!  We had to find letters to make up the word ‘FRIENDSHIP’.  It was a lot of fun!  I learnt about teamwork and encouraging each other.’

Amelie Jadhav

‘Camp night was the best night of my life!’

Charlie Till

‘We did a bit of singing around the camp fire – my favourite song was Baby Shark!  I really enjoyed our camp out – it was really fun.  I am sad that it is over!’

Sienna Lawson