Year 3 Egyptian Wow Day

egyptian 11

When we had the Egyptian Wow Day we did three activities. The first was making King Tut’s death mask; we did a sketch of the death mask and then we started painting; it was quite hard, but I managed to do it. Now I know that when a king has died they get a hook and put it in the king’s nose and pull the king’s brains out – that activity was really fun.

The next activity was in Mrs Harrison’s classroom, but it looked very different because all the desks had gone and there was a black tunnel and on the white board was a picture of mountains. When we got going we were looking at pictures and after that we went in tunnels pretending to be Howard Carter; it was really fun.

The third activity was making bookmarks. We put our names in hieroglyphics and put some pictures on our borders.

I liked all of the activities and they were great fun.

By Tom Lawson