Year 3 Trip to Tesco’s ‘Farm To Fork’ Trail

Tesco 13

Year 3 had a very informative trip to Tesco on Tuesday.  We learnt about where our food comes from and were lucky enough to sample some tasty fruit.  Here are some memories from our outing:

‘I liked learning about cheese – it is my favourite food!  I loved the yummy roll that we were given to take home.  I also loved going in the bakery – it smelt of delicious bread.’

Jecca Lyon Taylor

‘I really liked holding the big fish with blue plastic gloves!  One of the fish was really heavy and it was a salmon.  I also liked going in to the big freezer and it was really cold.  Miss Parris even got snow on her head!’

Chloe Salsbury-Lawson

‘I liked it when we got to hold the mackerel – it was quite slippy and it had a black pattern on it.  The bread roll was delicious.’

Lenny O’Neill