Year 3 Visit to Chedworth Roman Villa

villa 8

Year 3 thoroughly enjoyed discovering all about life in Roman Times at Chedworth Roman Villa.  The volunteers at the National Trust taught us how Roman artefacts were discovered and we were lucky enough to handle some of them.   Here are some of the facts that the children have remembered:

‘We learnt about Roman loos and how the Romans kept clean.’ Jack Williams

‘There are lots of different rooms in Roman baths – they liked being clean!  The Romans used to have under floor heating.’ Rory Stevens

‘I really enjoyed making Roman medicine – we used cumin, lavender and mustard seed and we crushed it up with a pestle and mortar.  We then put it in a muslin bag and it is good to help clear a blocked nose.’  Melissa Watson

‘We dressed up as slaves and wore a necklace that said our Roman names. Even the teachers had to dress up too!’  Tilly Birch

‘I also like making medicine – the herbs smelt really strong.’  Hattie Sharp


To view more photos from the trip, please go to the Photo Gallery.