Year 4 Forces Science Workshop

science 9

On Tuesday Year 4 spent time building and testing rockets as part of their Forces topic in science.

“I built a rocket with my group.  We used a plastic bottle, plasticine, masking tape and a plastic fin.  We put a little bit of water into the bottle rocket and went down to the Astro turf.  A lady called Bridget brought a pump and pumped air into the bottle.  It had so much pressure in it that it went straight up in the air with water coming out of the bottom, the force pushed it up.”

Edward Cleverley

“We built a rocket called ‘Flying Cheese’.  It was made out of a lemonade bottle.  I learnt about forces like friction and a pushing force called thrust.”

Annabel Smith

“Bridget came and showed us how to build a rocket.  First we put a plasticine ball on the top to make it fly straight, then we made and put a nose cone on and we decorated the bottle.  My best bit was when we did the count down as air was pumped into the bottle.  The reason the bottle went up was because it had a valve on it, the pressure went up until the valve popped off and the air pushed down on the Astro.  Some bottles went spinning round, this happened because of friction.”

Rory Stevens

“My favourite thing was launching our rocket, it went 40 metres high.  It was really cool. When it got to the top gravity pulled it back down again with a crash.”

Emily Orpen

For more photos from the event please go to the Photo Gallery.