Year 4 Pinewood Adventure Weekend at Mill on the Brue

mill on the brue 12

The weekend at Mill on the Brue was the best weekend ever, it was so fun!

The first thing we did when we got there was have lunch. They said there was a competition about trying to have no food waste. There was also a competition for the tidiest dorm. We were ‘ZERO HEROES’ for no food waste, but the boys won the tidiest dorm.

My group was called Squirrels and the first activity we did was grass sledging; it was so much fun – the higher you went the scarier it was; Tom also had a go and it was hilarious. The next thing we did was called the Spider’s Web, what you had to do was crawl through the web without touching it. I had to lift Gracie through one of the holes and it was scary because I thought I was going to drop her! I had to lift a few other people, but luckily I only had to crawl through. My favourite was the assault course. It was really fun. Alexandra did really well and faced her fear of the Fireman’s Pole. I fell in Dylan’s Bath, which is a real dog’s bath.

For supper we had toasties. I put tuna, ham and cheese on it and it was so yummy; I had two because I was really hungry. Our dorms were good; it was very noisy in our dorm and there was lots of giggling! I had the best weekend of my life. Thank you!

By Poppy Tulloch


Mill on the Brue was the best weekend ever. My favourite activities were the zip wire and the crate stacking. I also really liked the grass tobogganing. We were Zero Waste Heroes. Zac said it was because of me, because everyone on the table gave me their food that they didn’t eat. There were four groups: Magpies, Squirrels, Otters and Swallows. I was in the Swallows and my teacher was James.

The assault course was really fun. There was an obstacle called High Beam and you had to give the person in front a boost. I was at the front and I gave everyone a boost. My favourite obstacle was the fishing net. You had to climb up a rope and roll down the other side, it was awesome! Mill on the Brue was the best weekend in the world of weekends!

By Milan Thapar


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