Year 4 Visit to the Living Rainforest

rainforest 13

When we went to the Living Rainforest we saw a Blue Morpho butterfly.  It was beautiful with bright blue wings.  Its camouflage was on the other side.  It looked like a leaf.  We also saw a toucan.  Its adaptation was its special talons so it could hop when it didn’t have much room to fly. 

My favourite bit was seeing the python yawn.  It was called Lenny.  Its adaptation was it would squeeze your tummy until you stop breathing.  There were also some really big fish, they were omnivores like us and they also had teeth like us.  There was a sloth, but we couldn’t see it.  It eats upside down, it sleeps upside down, but it goes to the loo the right way up!  On our journey we also saw a poison dart frog.  Its poisonous skin could kill you if you touch it.

By Finian Kennedy

Once we were in there it was humid and our guide showed us the toucans and the Agouti.  We also saw a salmon pink bird-eating spider.  After that we saw a scorpion and then we saw some baby Goeldi monkeys and they were so cute.  The next thing we saw was some cockroaches and they were really big. Then we saw an African snail and their shells were big. We saw some pitcher plants, which have nectar around their frame so the bugs go and eat the nectar and then they slip in the plant and go to the bottom of the pitcher plant. The bugs cannot get out because the walls will be slippery and then finally the pitcher plant digests the bug.  The next thing we saw was a vanilla plant and they are so beautiful and nice.

By Florence Piggott

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