Year 4 Volcano WOW Week

volcano 37

In the week running up to Half-Term, Year 4 took part in an amazing Volcano WOW week; here is their report on the week’s activities:

Day One

Tension was mounting, as Volcano WOW week commenced. To start with we planned our volcano designs. We knew we had to include a presentation about volcanoes, how volcanoes are formed and where they are in the World.

Day Two

We built the structure with a half cut cardboard tube and covered it with newspaper and tinfoil. We layered it with mod rock and brought our designs to life. We left it to dry overnight.

Day Three

Today, we needed to paint the inside and outside of the volcano, making sure we included all of the layers and parts of the volcano.

Day Four

The final finishing touches included using cellophane, pipe cleaners and cotton wool to make the volcanoes look realistic. We labelled our volcanoes and then planned our presentation.

Day Five

We exploded the volcanoes we had made in art and presented all that we knew about volcanoes to our class.

Volcano WOW week was brilliant because we were able to make a volcano, which helped us to understand about the layers and parts of a volcano, whilst having fun! We didn’t even realise how much we were learning as we were enjoying ourselves so much!

If you would like to see the volcanoes we made, they are on display in the Hall all this week!

By Jenna Tilley, Darcey Garrett Ryan, Seb Woodford

More photos from the week can be found in the Photo Gallery.