Year 5 Play In A Day Workshop: ‘The Three Musketeers’

play 18

This new venture for Year 5, as a one day Drama workshop, extended into two, was spearheaded by Ian Murchie from the Dragon School Drama Department and was supported by our Head of Drama, Will Welch. The play was ‘The Three Musketeers’ and was breathlessly brilliant.  Seized upon by all Year 5 pupils, it turned out to be a resounding and exciting success.  All children took part, from the read through on day one to the sorting of parts, which included eleven children playing D’Artagnan, two playing Athos, two playing Aramis and four playing Porthos, as well as three Cardinals and four Rocheforts! Each character was identified by different coloured tabards.

The pace of the days did not slacken as they broke into groups to practise lines and their homework was line bashing in front of mum and dad.  The enthusiasm and animated faces on the day of the performances said it all.  Not one of the cast failed to take part actively.  The choreographed sound tracks, horses journeying and fight scenes were second to none, which was clearly visible in the impact it made on the audience.

This was a hugely successful 36 hours spent with great support from the Year 5 parents and it was all much appreciated by the children and form takers.  Our thanks to Philip Hoyland, Ian Murchie and Will Welch for masterminding the idea from inception to finish.


To view more photos from the workshop please go to the Photo Gallery.