Year 5 Trip to @Bristol

Bristol 10

Year 5 visited @ Bristol to complement current teaching on the Earth, Sun and Moon.  On arrival the two working groups spent time either investigating the wide variety of installations in the science museum, or in a space workshop learning about what life has been like for Major Tim Peake in the International Space Station.  The children looked at how water is stored, built towers using robotic arms (similar to the Canada II arm on the ISS), built rockets and tested the effect of low pressure conditions on marshmallows and investigated how to exercise in space without the effects of gravity.

After lunch we enjoyed more time in the museum and watched an excellent 3D space show in the planetarium, visiting each planet in turn and learning about conditions on each before studying stars and moons in more detail. Here are some of the things particularly enjoyed by Year 5:

Tara, I enjoyed playing with the robots.

Grace H – I liked making animations

Poppy D – I enjoyed the bubbles

Toby – I enjoyed playing with the shadow machine

Poppy I – I enjoyed the 3D space show in the planetarium even though I felt sick after.

Hester- I enjoyed the human sized hamster wheel, even though it was quite hard to push.

Zac – I enjoyed all the exhibits- particularly the sports ones that recorded how fast you are or how high you can jump

Katya – the planetarium it was like I was in space,

Lilli  – Planetarium as I learnt what the planets are made of.

Poppy T – I loved playing with the iron filings and the magnets

Minnie – I enjoyed the parachute exhibit and being inside the womb

Emma – I enjoyed capturing my shadow in the tilted room

Raffy – I enjoyed the space workshop and learning what people had to do to go into space.

Caitlin – I loved the tilted room

Sam – I liked the light screen and colour filters that gave you 3 different coloured shadows