Year 5 Trip to @ Bristol

science 5

When we got to @ Bristol the first thing we did was we went upstairs where someone told us all about the Earth, Moon and Sun. We had to order the planets, which was interesting and then we had to use a button to try and estimate the size of the moon and we made our own moon dial, which I enjoyed. She also told us about what would happen if you were in space without a space suit and then gave us a demonstration using a marshmallow man. She put him in a jar and sucked the air out of it to make a vacuum and he began to swell up; then, when she took the lid off he shrivelled up, but we still ate him and he still tasted good! This was my favourite bit.

Then we went downstairs and we were allowed to look around, which was really good because there were some things which were very interesting and fun. There was a machine to show you what it was like in your mummy’s tummy; there was also a DNA structure and you could build your own DNA. There was a place where you had to match up the cells to the correct parts of the body and I got most of them right!

Fortunately we got to go to the planetarium, which was AMAZING! I absolutely loved it. The planetarium is like a big ball that you sit in and you have 3D goggles to watch the stars and planets. It felt as if you were whirling around in a beach ball! We saw lots of patterns made up of stars and we saw lots of planets which I really enjoyed.

By Constance Donald, Edward Wrench & Lily Nicholson

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