Year 5 Trip to the Oxford Natural History Museum

natural history museum 9

We went on a school trip to the Natural History Museum in Oxford. We were split into groups and the first activity we did was a treasure hunt using ipads. We had to find certain objects in the museum; for example, we had to find a cave hyena and when we went near the picture it played a noise like an elephant. The ipad then gave us a question with three possible answers – we got it right! We then watched a video on how the hyena adapted to the cave and how they don’t live in caves any more, but now they live in hot, sunny deserts.

After the treasure hunt we went into a smallish room, where we watched a slide show, but before the slide show, the man asked us “What is your favourite animal?” I said that mine was a monkey and he said “There are millions of species of monkeys!” When everyone had said their favourite animal he moved on to the slide show. He talked about how Charles Darwin and Alfred Russel Wallace (who people don’t really know about) had discovered evolution. He then passed around animal fur, so that we could see and feel how they adapted.

My favourite part of the day was the treasure hunt, because it was really fun and we got to learn about animals and how they adapted to their environment. I also liked the part where we got to feel the fur, not just see it. Overall this has been one of my favourite school trips!

Ava Bolton