Year 5 Visit to Bristol Synagogue

synagogue 6

I think we all found the synagogue very interesting and that we definitely learnt a lot. I liked seeing the Torahs because I didn’t know exactly how tall they would be and how different to how I imagined they were; I also loved seeing the Bimah. The lady, Mrs Barcan, told us about how there where special seats at the front and she said sometimes the very important people come and sit there. It was amazing seeing the big bit where the Torah is read. I really enjoyed seeing the special light from above, it was really interesting and strange how the men are upstairs and the women are downstairs. I would have really liked to hear a Shema (a holy song/prayer) .

I liked how Mrs Barcan could read a bit of a book to us and translate it from Hebrew to English. Seeing the Yad and then comparing it to the one on Mr Caird’ s wall is quite different as the one in the synagogue was a bit bigger. I liked learning about how there has to be ten men to carry the Torah from the ark to the Bimah. It was so funny when Max dressed up with a kippah on his head and the prayer shawl, a “tallit”, on his shoulders.

I thought we all had a fantastic time and it would be nice to go again.

By Tinka Barber

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