Year 5 Visit to the Oxford Natural History Museum

museum 2

To coincide with Year 5 learning about Adaptation and Evolution in science lessons, they visited the Oxford University Museum of Natural History.  The children attended a lively talk called ‘Evolve, Adapt, Survive’ in which they were shown the connections between a wide variety of species and how the adaptations of each species could be helpful or disastrous.  The children played an entertaining food chain game to illustrate how, 365 million years ago, the first Tiktaaliks started to move from the water to land to avoid predators.  This ensured their survival and resulted in the evolution of other land dwelling animals.

The children were able to see and touch a wide variety of fossils and specimens that were integral in the development of the evolutionary theory, which was first published by Charles Darwin in 1859.  The visit was particularly apt as the ideas of both Darwin and Alfred Russel Wallace were first presented to the public during the Oxford Evolution Debate of 1860, which was held at the museum.

It was a really interesting trip and the museum holds such an amazing variety of specimens that we left with our guide Chris’ words ringing in our ears:  “As we are related to all these amazing creatures we have a particular duty to look after them, would you leave your granny out in the rain?”