Year 6 Geography Coastal Field Trip

coast 1

We were all ready for a big day out on the beach, so we jumped into the mini buses and off we went. The journey was long, but once we arrived we were glad. It was a perfect day for going to the beach – clear blue skies and a light breeze.

The beach was golden sand, but mainly rocky and the waves swept up the beach taking whatever they came across. Once we had finished all the questions on the tide and features of the beach we were all set a timed challenge to build 2 sand castles near to the edge of the swash, one with defences and one without. All 6AH girls grouped together and we had the time of our lives, but sadly we lost the challenge by only 9 minutes! After all the excitement we hurried to the mini buses and off we went to the next beach.

On the second beach we ate lunch and we walked down the soft, sandy beach. We had the same questions as for the first beach, but we had to see the differences. Once we had finished, we went shopping for ice cream and had some free time. Some of us went swimming in the sea and Mr Fuller and Mr King joined us, whilst Mr Bischoff went to the shop with the others.

It was great learning outside the classroom about the waves, what they do and how we try to stop them sometimes, erosion and different types of places, but we had lots of fun while learning new things too.

With sand between our toes and water in our ears we hopped onto the buses and headed off back to school.

By Darci Reeve

For more photos from the trip please go to the Photo Gallery.