Year 6 Music Day at Cheltenham College

music 9

At the start of the day we all either did choral work or we had an orchestra session. I was in the orchestra and we did a lot of music – it was great fun. We got to play 2 songs – “I Dreamed A Dream” and “Pomp and Circumstance”; we then had a break where we had some biscuits, whereas the choral group were doing some fun singing; they sang 3 songs. They had their break just before the orchestra people.

After the break we split again into choral and orchestra groups. This time I was in choral – we had great fun and we sang in the chapel. We started with a song called “Sing”. Next we sang a really hard song “Sim bay a la ya”, which is a song with a bit of jazz and African. A lot of the words were funny and we all had a laugh. We had lunch after that; lunch was lasagne and you could pick some things from the salad bar. For pudding we had chocolate ice cream.

After lunch we split into schools: Pinewood were in the chapel and were making a lot of noise with our samba drumming – everyone was getting involved, which was nice to see. Next we had a run around and played a few games. Next we had Gamelan (Indonesian) drumming, which everyone enjoyed. After that we all got to listen and sing along to the Cheltenham College jazz band and they were very good. The last song they sang was “Walking on Sunshine” and everyone got up and danced! We then performed our pieces and songs in an informal concert for a few parents and our teachers. Next we went home on the bus and everyone was shattered! It was a thoroughly exiting and jam packed day – thank you to Miss Doscher, Mr King, Mr Downe and Evie for taking us.

By Phoebe Foster and Bo Jenkins

For more photos from the event, please go to the Photo Gallery.