Year 6 Spirituality Day at Salisbury Cathedral

salisbury 10

Walking into the 800 year old building, all beautiful and holy, you could really feel what the workers went through to build such a magnificent building with no Health & Safety. Allison our first guide asked us how we felt when we walked in, to which we all answered “WOW!” We were then split into 3 groups and each group had their own guide.

During the tour, each group did 3 activities. My first activity was “Wood” where we wrote poems about doors being opened in life and situations which you are helped with by friends. My second activity was “Water” which showed us the effects on things and people in life as ripples. After lunch my third activity was “Glass”. This was great fun as we got to make our own small stained glass windows with meanings in the shapes and designs just like the large windows in the Cathedral. In between all the excitement prayers were being held so we had to stop and be silent in respect. Afterwards we went for a little walk around the Cathedral and then we all sat down by the altar for a talk about light and Jesus.

At the end of the day, as a treat, we went into the Chapter Room to see one of the copies of the Magna Carta. The writing was so elaborate and tiny, I doubt any teacher would want to mark it as an exam essay! The sight of an old document which changed our ancestors’ lives was amazing.

By Darci Reeve

For more photos from the trip please go to the Photo Gallery.