Year 7 Pinewood Adventure Trip to Chateau du Broutel

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On Friday 21st April at 7:45 we left school with a 7 hour journey ahead of us, before we got the magnificent Château du Broutel.

At 4:30 we got to the Château and were sorted into our dorm mates, but before we put our bags in the dorms we went for a welcome tour around the Château grounds. After that we went into our dorms where we had a bit of free time to unpack and relax. After about half an hour we had supper which was fish and chips, which was really nice. Then we had our first activity, which was a scavenger hunt (or scav for short) and my team came 3rd in both of the sheets. After everyone had finished all the questions we then got into the same groups we had for the scav and built snail houses and bridges for the snails and then we had a completion on the best bridges and snail house. About 45 minutes later we were all in bed nearly asleep after a very long day of traveling and snail house building!

On Saturday we all got up early as we were going to the Albert Museum, the Lochnagar crater, the Thiepval monument and the British front line trench. After Breakfast we all got on the bus and went straight to the Albert Museum, were we went underground to the museum were we heard about some very moving stories. Once we got out of the museum there was a gift shop were they sold some of the real equipment such as helmets, shell cases and lots of medals. Next we learnt about the clothes and guns in the 1st World War. After hearing about the clothing of the soldiers we had lunch for an hour and then set off again to see the Lochnagar Crater, which is 30 meters deep and 90 meters wide (that is MASSIVE). It was really interesting learning about the crater and all the people that died.

Once we were on the bus we traveled to the Thiepval monument were we all found one of our family’s surnames which were really cool! After learning about all the graves at the back of the monument we all got back on the bus and went to the site where one trench had been made so you could walk in it, which was awesome. When we got back to the Château we all had a rest and went to sleep.

On Sunday we had breakfast and then made mayonnaise, which my team won!!!!!! Then we went to the market where we all spoke French to buy whatever we wanted. When we got back from the market we all went into our groups to do our activities. I did raft building and abseiling. Then in the evening we had a camp fire which was so cool.

On our last day we had one last activity, which was zip wire for me (it was amazing, we all went so fast.) Once we had all finished our last activity we all got back on the bus and went home. At 5:30 all our parents picked us up and we went home for a well-deserved sleep!!

For more photos from the trip, please go to the Photo Gallery.