Year 8 Christmaths Challenge

Old Pinewoodian Magazine

Year 8’s took part in the second Christmaths Challenge on Monday. After an initial science round, the teams of 3 or 4 took part in a Maths relay race through 30 challenging and thought provoking questions. The following teams won prizes:

First Prize: Molly, Jemima P and Alexander

Second Prize: Connie, Jemima N, Nina and Isabelle

Third Prize: Dan, Ned C, Finn

Congratulations to all who took part and many thanks to Mr Benbow, Mr Smith, Mrs Lyon Taylor and Miss Poyntz for helping out.

Here is an example question for you to have a go at – solutions to

Rudolph jogs the first and second lap of a race at 3km/h, and runs the third lap at 6km/h. What was his average speed for whole race?