Year 8 Leavers’ Trip Blog Day 2

Year 8 Leavers Trip Day 2June 16 3

Today, the year split into two groups for a day of rafting and team challenges. The weather was cloudy, but warm and the sun did appear in the afternoon. Here are a couple of reports from the Year 8s:


After feasting on lasagne at lunch, we went Orienteering around the village which was fun, confusing and educational. We met many folk including a couple who gave us many answers to our questions, (we did ask them in French!). They were lovely and we hope to meet more people like them. After arriving back at our checkpoint, (we were talking too long and got lost!), we did the boulder challenge; the challenge consisted of a large boulder that we had to climb around in the shortest time we could. J’adore Team finished 6 minutes before any other team who had done the challenge already! Before heading for a swim, we stopped by the sports hall. Henry Woods and I did a maths challenge, while the others did blindfold trusting and a minefield negotiation. They were great activities which encouraged excitement, teamwork and social skills.

Max Moseley


One of our activities for the day was whitewater rafting. It was awesome and probably my favourite activity. Luckily, I managed not to fall in because the water was freezing. We then parked up the boats and walked upstream, where we jumped into the water and let it carry us down to the boats. It was so cool and fun! Near the end of the activity, we came to a slight barrier which was a kind of waterfall. As we got closer, we realised that we needed to pick up speed and go over, but we all landed safely, (but Fraser fell in!).

Tom Gardener

After the two main activities, a group went up river for a swim, whilst others wrote diaries and sorted out kit. We’ve just had a bit of time in the village, visiting the cafe and trying out some French on the locals. Tomorrow’s adventure includes the High Ropes and Rock Climbing.

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