Year 8 Leavers’ Trip Blog Day 3


Today, the group split into two again, with one half doing the High Ropes course, whilst the other half did rock climbing. At lunch, they swapped over.

High Ropes

Today we went about 30 minutes away from the hostel to the place where the high ropes were. We had to do about a 1km walk to get to the route and the first thing we did was get on our kit and get briefed about how to clip on and other safety information. We went up to the zip wire. At first, I was really nervous about going on the zip wire, because I’m scared of heights, but I conquered it and went for it and it was really fun! We then did a higher zip wire and some bridges. After we had done the bridges, we began to ascend to the highest one. The ascent was scary enough, but the zip line was a thin metal wire running between two mountains. I was not scared this time as I had conquered my fear of heights. When I was on the zip wire, I saw the river running under me and I saw a beautiful view of the forest and the snow-peaked Pyrenees mountains. The high wires was one of my best experiences of my life so far!

Jonathan Cowie

Rock climbing

I was very nervous that I would let people down in the belaying and climbing, so I was grateful for all the support I got while climbing. also, I was very thankful to Gregor when he did not get cross at me even though I was really bad at belaying! The most terrifying bit is when you abseil, having to put all your trust in your partner! Also, I loved the people who taught us how to climb; they were very nice! It was a great day and I can’t wait till the next!

Billy Tulloch

This evening, the children had a bit of a chance to explore the town again. We are just sitting down for dinner having prepared ourselves for the 27km hike tomorrow!


For more photos from the day please go to the Photo Gallery.