Year 8 Leavers’ Trip Blog Day 4


Today was the day of the big walk!

Today was a little different. As normal, wake up was at 7.30, followed by a cold, yet refreshing walk in the village. Today, I bought a pain au chocolat for breakfast, homemade and very, very delicious. I don’t know how the French can make such wonderful pastries, but I sure can’t. After that good start, we travelled on the bus for half an hour to start the walk. We were to walk 25km up the mountains and down to the hostel without the bus! For the first three hours the walk was fairly enjoyable, in fact I enjoyed every second of it. The bees buzzed and the trees hummed with the breeze and everything was absolutely stunning and wonderful at the same time! We stopped by an enchanting crystal blue lake, which was extraordinarily hypnotic. The fish were very happy to have such a lovely home. After our well-made packed lunch, there was a two hour brutal climb, that was very challenging. At times I couldn’t breathe amongst the sweat and dirt in my throat, but, at last, we reached the top – not in my entire life have I ever been so happy to sit down! Also, the view from the mountain was better than the snowy Alps! It was true beauty… 3 hours later, I am sitting here writing this; the walk down was nearly as hard as the walk up. My feet killed and my groin rubbed and my legs itched with a rash. However, this was an awesome day, full of pain and beauty. I will never forget this.

Max Moseley

Today was the day of the much anticipated 25km walk. We woke up full of dread and went for a short intro walk to test out our boots. After the walk, we walked down from the hill and bought a sweet treat from the boulangerie. We ate a huge breakfast, which was very much needed and then we were off. We started the walk at about 10 and eventually arrived back at 6pm! I have to say that the only thing that kept me going up those leg-killing hills was the scenery, which was beautiful! A couple of hours later we ate lunch at a lake that looked so nice that I wanted to jump in it! We started walking and after another hour it was time for the descent. Three hours later we were back at the hostel; soon after, we ate a huge dinner and went to bed.

Sebbie Kimber

We woke up bright and early to a lovely morning.  We went to the bakery to buy croissants for breakfast. Then we came back from breakfast and before we knew it we were packed and hopped onto the coach. We were off for a 25km walk up and down the mountain! The first 10 minutes were good, but then the heat and steepness got up and our legs started to hurt! It started to get hard for everyone, but we all stayed strong! The views were incredible – I have never seen anything like it! Everyone managed to do it and when we got back, everyone had smiles on their faces! Everyone was glad to get back and all in all, it was a great day!

Olivia Redman

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