Year 8 Leavers’ Trip Blog Day 4


Today was the big walk. We were dropped off by coach after an hour’s drive and walked up to Col de la Core (1395m). All the children did brilliantly and made it back very safely. For this blog, I have selected some diary entries that reflect the challenge of the day.

‘Today we did the eight hour walk, which was very tiring, but great exercise! We stopped for lunch by a huge lake and I ate lots of crisps and a gammon sandwich which was great. On the walk we talked a lot, but we worked hard and we tried to make it fun and it was! We all made great conversation and we ate lots and drank lots from our bags. Mr A-G said that the walk would be very rewarding when you finished and at first I didn’t believe him, but now I realise it’s true. I am tired, but I feel as though today will pay off later on! It was a great experience! I am about to go and have a hot chocolate now at the cafe, but I cannot go inside in case I get killed by Paddy (in the Game)!’


‘We went on a “joyous, fun” walk. It was 27km up and down in rain, wind and the cold! My mind was full of thinking that my legs might fall off like a lizard’s tail, but now I am alright, stiff and very tired, but really chuffed that I have completed 27km.’


‘When we woke up this morning, I was already nervous about the walk. We took the bus 27km in the opposite direction. The first trek was really steep and everyone was longing for a break. However, after the first bit, it was a lot flatter. At the lake, which had been fantasised about, it began to rain. Gradually, it got heavier and heavier, to a constant downpour. Now, it was the tough bit and I don’t think I’ve ever been so anxious, nervous or scared in all my life. When we all reached the incline, I realised why it was so dreaded – it was so steep! Without Mr Siebert’s amazing imitations and everyone’s great singing, I don’t think I could have done it. Today was probably one of the hardest days of my life and I don’t think I will ever do something like that again, but we walked 27km in total and reached a height of 1395m!’


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