Year 8 Leavers’ Trip Blog Day 5


We split into two groups, with one half having another chance to go white-water rafting and the other half preparing their Pinewood Fine Dining dishes. After a lovely lunch – the staff were unfortunate enough to have to sit outside! – the groups swapped over. Children are now preparing their curtain call performances and writing in their diaries. Tomorrow we head home…

We woke up (obviously) and had a stroll up to the top of the hill. Most of us picked a one euro pain au chocolat or croissant and after breakfast we headed up to our second time of whitewater rafting. As we all boarded the raft we knew how stupendously fun this could be, which it was. But this time, we had extra stops for swimming and jumps. After a great lunch, as per usual, we headed up to la fromagerie (smelly shop) and le supermarché (lots-of-food shop). We made a basic, but delicious (not) supper. Then in the afternoon heat we headed up to our swimming spot up-river. The sweltering heat left as the cool flow of the Salat river hit us! This trip simply sums up Pinewood – not over the top, but UNFORGETTABLE!

Ed Hartley

I woke up later than usual after a long, beautiful day yesterday. I then did yoga to loosen up my tense muscles after the walk up the mountain. After a refreshing yoga session, it was time to do the last sport of the trip: whitewater rafting. I was in a group with different people and a different instructor. We went into the freezing water – even colder than last time, as the intense heat was melting the snow from the mountain. Our instructor (David) made the trip such fun as he made us do activities, such as headstands, running around the edge of the boat and then capsizing it. Then it was time for the weir – the water was too shallow to go over on the boat, so we had to jump off it and it was the highlight of my journey. After whitewater rafting, it was time for cooking. Our group, Davidoff, was to make a starter and a pudding. Mason, Kenny, Oscar and I were to make the starter and I thought that, personally, ours was the best and definitely the most neatly presented! (we’ll wait and see – SD) After that, it was time for the last dip in the river. After a refreshing dip in the river it was time for curtain call practice. Then we gave thanks to the amazing people who looked after us and provided amazing food. This trip has been unforgettable and a blast, it also sums up Pinewood – amazing, daring, pushing and most definitely unforgettable!

Charlotte Hannon

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