Year 8 Leavers’ Trip Day 4

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I am starting to run out of superlatives. It was just another fun day for Year 8. Joyfully our journey to Cardiff was only an hour. The rafting was just fantastic. Gorge walking had always been my number one, but this topped it. Every run was different, exciting, unpredictable and scream-out-loud fun. There was also sit on kayaking, which turned into a festival of capsizing, boarding other people’s vessel and seeing how many people could get on an inflatable before it flipped. The sky in the welsh capital was filled with laughter and screams of delight. It was so lovely to watch, though teachers were not exempt from attack either! We were back to school in good time for another outdoor food feast from Siebert and A-G. On to the final day and a coach to Dolygaer. Please note an 1830 return, traffic permitting.