Year 8 Leavers’ Trip to the Pyrenees: Day 2


“Just finished washing my hair because… wait for it… I went whitewater rafting! It was so much fun – I went in the “safe” boat with Parris, which wasn’t actually the safe boat, because we were all pushed in anyway! But we didn’t flip over, which was very good. Someone tried to push me off the raft but my foot was so secure in the strap that my head went in and I bobbed back up. Eventually I did go in…Anyway, this morning, after breakfast, we did a kit check for the walk tomorrow and then we decided who was running and who was playing football for the inter-team village challenge. I was chosen to play football which was so much fun; however, my team, Superdry, lost 5 – 4. Today has been really fun.” Darci Reeve

Tomorrow is the day of the big walk – 27km or so. The weather is very hot, but all children are having a great time so far. Lots of “best trip ever” being heard!


For more photos from the trip so far, please go to the Photo Gallery.