Year 8 Science Fair 2018

Science Fair 12

This year our Year 8 pupils have had very little time to work on their Science Fair projects as a result of their exciting end of term programme. Consequently the Science teachers were feeling a little concerned on Thursday morning – we were confident that the children had carried out some excellent projects, but had little evidence of it. We needn’t have worried, Year 8 worked hard all morning and by lunchtime their display boards were finished.

They spent the afternoon telling the judges and senior members of staff about their projects and spoke with enthusiasm and eloquence about their projects. The judges were impressed by the variety of projects and by the children’s understanding.

The following prizes were awarded:

Best Display Board: Marina, Annabel and Lily N who investigated the effect of yeast on the decomposition of Hydrogen Peroxide.

Best Verbal Presentation: Sophie, Daisy and Laura who investigated how the cocoa content of chocolate affects its melting point.

Best Project Overall: Jemima and Carmen who investigated the effect of different fizzy drinks on popping candy.

Max, Rohan and Charlie received an honourable mention for the clarity with which they explained their memory testing project.

Well done to all of Year 8 on continuing to work hard into their penultimate day at Pinewood.

For more photos of the projects, please go to the Photo Gallery.