Year 8 Science Fair

science 11

This morning Year 8 took part in the Pinewood Science Fair.  Since their return from the Leavers’ Trip in France, Year 8 have been working on independent science projects, investigating an area of science that interested them.  After researching their ideas each group planned their project.  Within a relatively short time they had to organise their equipment, carry out the experiment, collect and interpret results and produce a display board.  The display boards allowed the pupils to show their understanding of the projects and principles of scientific investigation.

At the fair each group had to discuss their project with our judging panel of senior school science teachers: Mrs. Walsh from Marlborough College, Mr. Zammit and Mr. Lewis from Dauntsey’s, and Mr. Middleton from Abingdon. The judges were really impressed by the originality of the projects and enthusiasm of our pupils when describing what they had done and found out.  The display boards were well presented and provided a visual reminder of what had been done.  When discussing their projects with each of the judges the pupils spoke with confidence about variables, fair testing and what investigations they would like to do in the future.

The prize winners were as follows:

Best Overall Project: Indy Yorke and Lettice Wetton who investigated whether woodlice found in different areas were faster than others.

Best Verbal Presentation: Christa Cripwell, Olivia James and Jemima Nettleton who investigated the electrical current passing through different fruit cells.

Best Display board: James Whittal, Richard Tapper and Ned Corfield who tested the effect of temperature on alka-seltzer pop rockets.

Miss Wise and I were delighted with the way in which all the pupils approached the challenge and worked diligently into their penultimate day at Pinewood.  All deserve congratulations for their efforts. Well done! We hope that the Science Fair experience is one of the many special Pinewood memories that the children take with them as they leave us for the challenges of senior school.


To view photos of the displays please go to the Photo Gallery.