Year 8 STOP (Speed Tracking Of Pinewood) Project


Throughout last week the Year 8 Scholars carried out a speed awareness campaign on the drive. We were calculating the average speed and stopping distance of the cars coming down the school drive, and issuing speed awareness tickets where necessary.

We had two teams, an observation team, and a group of people giving out the tickets. We had two or three people on stopwatches, noting the times of the cars, and a tally chart, to record the speeds. The speed, make and registration of the car would then be given via walkie-talkie to the ticket group, who would give the car a completed speed awareness ticket if it was going more than 13mph. 

It is necessary to stress that the aim of this project was not to catch people out, but to make people aware of the 10mph speed limit on the drive. We were not extremely strict, and gave parents a leeway of 13mph, which we then reduced to 12mph further on in the week.

We hope to repeat this exercise in the future, and that people are now more aware of the reasonable 10mph speed limit on our drive.


For photos from the project please go to the Photo Gallery.