Year 8 Leavers’ Trip Blog Day 5


We were woken up, excited to see what the day had in store. We were all called down and did some pre-breakfast activities. Some ran, some did yoga, most did football, and a few did boules. After that, we were called in for an urgent notice. We were told that, after a lot of overnight rain in the mountains, the river had risen too high and we couldn’t go whitewater rafting.  The group which was meant to be whitewater rafting went and played some sports on the local hard courts. Meanwhile the other group prepared puddings and starters for that night. We bought some ingredients and made the best uncooked puddings and starters that we could think of. At supper, they will be judged for presentation and taste. The activities came to an end and we came to regroup at the hostel to have lunch. We only had a main course for lunch today due to us making starters and puddings for tonight. Due to the large dinner that was to come, we were given fish and chips and an ice cream for pudding. The two groups then switched activities and the group that did sports prepared their meals, and the group that prepared the meals did sports.

Tonight, we will watch a film after we have packed and then if there is any time, we will visit the cafe for the last time. Finally, after that, we will have our supper and do “Pinewood’s Not Got Talent”.

Felix and Alessandro