Our pupils, parents and friends are Pinewood’s best ambassadors, here are some of things that they say about what makes us one of the country’s leading co-educational country prep schools:


“In a world where fear trades against hope, Pinewood is an island of love, safety, understanding and warmth, helping to shape the children for the world ahead of them with humility and kindness.”
(R. E. – current parent in Years 5 & 7)

“We visited several prep schools for our daughter but were blown away by the atmosphere that exuded from Pinewood. The children we met on our tour were all friendly with exuberant smiles and had superb ‘un-prompted’ manners… We absolutely loved everything about the school, it has an unpretentious demeanour and traditional ambience that evokes everything you would want from a prep school.”
(B. T. – current parent in Year 3)

“The staff members are genuinely outstanding, totally dedicated and manage to combine exceptional teaching, fun, energy and care. Their enthusiasm and positivity filters through every aspect of the school. They are approachable, hugely responsive and always go the extra mile with both pupils and parents. The difference in a child once they have joined Pinewood is incredible. They all truly develop a ‘can do’ attitude – not just academically but in all their extracurricular activities. It is an extremely happy school!”
(C. C. – current parent in Years 3 & 5)

“We love Pinewood’s ‘all-encompassing’ approach to education. The school has such a happy, kind and enthusiastic atmosphere with an exciting future ahead, it would be difficult to resist!”
(Z. L. – current parent in Years 3 & 8) 

“We continue to be amazed by how well our son is progressing academically, physically and socially, but the inter-house ‘Rubber Legs’ challenge really shone a light on how Pinewood is promoting the qualities that mean so much to my family. The show of endurance, resilience, determination and teamwork was outstanding. Seeing our son cross the line with a tackle bag, drop it and head straight back out to help teammates carry the tyres really does show how special the school is and how our decision to bring him to Pinewood was the right one; it is such a wonderful place for our son to learn and grow.”
(D. N. – current parent in Year 4)

“Pinewood is able to combine all areas of support to children with outstanding skill. When life at home has been rough, Pinewood has worked closely with us to ensure our child’s welfare has been put first. The school leadership and teachers have offered solutions to ensure our child continues to learn, thrive and progress to her full potential. This has been proof to us that this school is outstanding in every regard. It offers a whole child approach. We have been blown away by how they get the balance right between excellent academics and sports, nurturing individual excellence right, and developing strong social relationships. Pinewood is a remarkable school during the foundational years of a child’s life”.
(M. H. – current parent in Year 6)

“The staff are warm and friendly; as a parent you really feel they are rooting for your child and genuinely celebrate every achievement. In turn the children are happy, confident and excited to learn. All of this results in very happy parents!”
(S. M. – current parent in Years 2 & 4)

“Mr Bailey is taking the school from strength to strength. It is definitely an exciting time for Pinewood. He is visible, approachable and the children love him.”
(A. H. – current parent in Years 2 & 5)


“The thing I love most at Pinewood is that you know that we need to play and need a break from school sometimes. It’s just really nice how you do that. You let us have fun and sometimes we have hot chocolate and marshmallows too! Mr Bailey is nice, he’s got inspiration and he thinks about others. He’s not like one of those grumpy headteachers. He’s really lovely when you need him.”
(G. H. – Year 2)

“The food is very good and everyone looks forward to fish and chips and pasta!”
(D. S. – Year 4)

“I love SKILLS – especially ‘Pinewood in the Community’ where we visit elderly people in a care home.”
(R. G. – Year 6)

“I love the diverse range of co-curricular activities on offer for us to participate in after academic lessons.”
(O. N. – Year 8)


“I love photographing for Pinewood School – my objective to capture the spirit is all too easy at Pinewood – as Pinewood is pure spirit. Children are children, with muddy knees from climbing trees, full of zest and passion for life and for learning. It’s a slice of heaven and the most idyllic start to life you can offer a child. I only wish I could rewind and go to school there myself.”
(Millie Pilkington – professional photographer)

“Buzzing with creativity, the school encourages experiences beyond the classroom… Eighty-four acres of grounds equal playing fields galore and ample space for a holistic, outdoorsy approach to childcare.”
(Tatler Schools Guide)

“A traditional, muddy, rosy-cheeked prep school with an unusual warmth… this gem is absolutely worth a visit.”
(The Good Schools Guide)

“Welcoming, warm, thoughtful, busy, varied, thriving and all about the children, Pinewood is a must-see.”
(Talk Education)