Question: What is a typical day like at Pinewood?

Answer: In short, there is no typical day at Pinewood, as the day can vary quite considerably depending on whether the child is in Pre-Prep or Prep and, if in Prep, whether there are matches or activities etc.  That said, to get an idea of the timings of the day please do visit the following links:

 Pre-Prep ‘A School Day’

 Prep ‘A School Day’

Question: What is the girl/boy ratio?

Answer: We aim to have a ratio as close to 50/50 as possible.  Obviously, this may vary slightly depending on the year groups.

Question: What are the class sizes at Pinewood?

Answer:  The average class size in Pre-Prep tends to be 14-16 children and the average class size in Prep tends to be 15-18. 

Question: Are there any recent reviews or inspection reports?

Answer: All of our recent reviews and the latest inspection report can be found here

Question: What are the links like to London?

Answer: Pinewood is very well positioned for links to London.  The train from Swindon to London Paddington takes just 51 minutes and the school is approximately 15 minutes from Swindon.  Pinewood is also within easy access of the M4 motorway. 

Question: Where do parents tend to live?

Answer: This map details where our current Pinewood families are located. 

Question: Which schools do leavers move on to?

Answer: Pupils leave Pinewood for a range of top public and senior schools and are prepared for Common Entrance and Scholarship level accordingly. To find out more click here

Question: Does Pinewood offer bursaries? 

Answer: Please visit our Fees and Bursaries section for full information on the Bursary process. Our Registrar will be happy to discuss any specific queries you may have relating to this process.

Question: What level of support does the Learning Skills & SEN Department offer?

Answer:  Details of our Learning Support can be found here, but if you have additional questions, please do contact our Registrar who can put you in touch with our Head of Learning Skills.