The Crèche and Ladybirds are offered to parents who need either a before and/or after-school care facility for their children. There is a charge for this and places are limited, with priority given to those with Prep School siblings, children with two working parents, and children of Pinewood staff. 


Pinewood Crèche is an option at the beginning of the school day for children in the Pre-Prep and Early Years.  The service is offered on an ad hoc basis, except for Early Years children, who must be pre-booked through the Pre-Prep Office.  The Crèche is held in the Pre-Prep Library and the children are offered quiet, unstructured activities, such as drawing materials, reading and picture books, and a story, whilst they wait for school to start.  School or home reading books may be brought to Crèche, but toys may not.  The children are accompanied to the Nursery and classrooms when the school opens at 8.10 am. For full details and cost, please click here.


Ladybirds is an optional extension to the end of the school day, offered to children who have siblings in the Prep School and to those children who have working parents and no alternative childcare. Any remaining places will be made available to other pupils. Places must be booked by the end of the previous term; however, parents are allowed up to 3 ad hoc places a term. Children who stay for Ladybirds will be given a drink and a biscuit or light snack (depending on how late they are staying).  As with the Crèche they will be offered unstructured activities so that they can relax at the end of what will have been a busy and tiring day. For full details, cost, and booking information, please click here.