Life in the Prep School

Continuing to develop the confidence, ambition and love of learning of our children remains a key focus throughout the Prep School.  Success is celebrated, independence is encouraged and collaboration is promoted. 

The Prep School is divided up into three ‘schools’, all of which have their own individual base, which allows the children the space to grow into their new surroundings.  Lower School is home to Years 3 and 4, Middle School to Years 5 and 6 and Upper School to Years 7 and 8. 

The school day is structured in a different manner to Pre-Prep, and naturally the expectations on the children increase as they move through the school; that said, they are very much supported and guided through this process.

Pinewood School

A School Day

The School day runs without variation throughout the year.  That said, there are timetable differences depending on the day of the week, to allow for a varied afternoon programme.


Pinewood School


Pinewood provides an academically challenging environment, which is vibrant, stimulating and, most importantly, personalised to suit individual pupil potential.  Pupils are encouraged to take ownership of their work, fostering independence and instilling a lifelong love of learning.


Pinewood Prep School Year 7 History Lesson


Our commitment to a holistic approach to education and the importance of allowing our pupils to develop through a range of opportunities, means that our co-curricular programme is wide and varied. 


Pinewood SKILLS

The Pinewood SKILLS programme is an exciting and engaging addition to the school week, providing the opportunity for children across the whole school to experience a wide range of new and inspiring sessions through a diverse and dynamic curriculum, with academic, pastoral and social benefits for the children taking part.

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Pinewood School

Pastoral Care

A family atmosphere is very much at the heart of Pinewood and can be seen across all areas and felt by all ages within the school.  A support structure has been created to underpin this and to reflect the importance that Pinewood puts on pastoral care.


Pinewood Prep School Year 3 Boys having fun