The Daily Routine

There are timetable differences depending on the day of the week, to allow for a varied afternoon programme and to include assemblies.

In the Prep School, the school day starts at 8.15am (children may be dropped off from 7.30am). The morning is divided into four or five 45 minute lessons (which might include a games lesson or reading period), with a further lesson or two after lunch, plus reading periods, games or matches.  Children are free to go home after matches (Tuesday afternoons for Lower School; Wednesday afternoons and alternate Saturday mornings for Middle & Upper School).  Thursday afternoons are given over to activities, whereby children select the activities they would like to pursue each term from an extensive list.

Breaks & Mealtimes

Snacks and refreshments are available at allocated break times throughout the day, and there are 3 dedicated lunch sittings for each area of the Prep School, running from 12.30-2pm.

The End of the Day

Pick up for day pupils is as follows:

Lower School: 4.25pm (with an option to stay until 5.30pm).
Middle & Upper School: 4.30pm or 5.30pm (leaving before 5.30pm will probably mean taking prep home).
Final pick up for those who need to stay late: 6.15pm.

Saturday School

On alternate Saturdays the school runs a morning fixture programme against local schools.