Children and adults are designed to move, and our muscles need to work in order to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.  Pinewood works to instill this active lifestyle into our children from a young age, so that it becomes a habit later in life. 

The daily timetables have been structured to ensure that children have an abundance of time being active and outdoors. This may be using the extensive grounds or Outdoor Classroom to support a topic being covered in class, it may be staggered Games lessons, or it may be simply allowing the children to run freely at break time.  

The importance of nutrition is addressed across many areas of the school, from Science and PE to signage in the Dining Room.  Children are taught the values of healthy eating and how to maintain a balanced diet. 

As the children progress through the school, we place increased emphasis on teaching the children to take ownership of their own health and well-being, whilst being there to support and advise, as and when needed.  This helps to prepare them for senior school where they are increasingly left to make their own choices.