In addition to academic and extra-curricular performance, senior schools are placing an increased emphasis on the holistic development of each individual. The breadth of opportunities on offer through SKILLS plays an important role in developing Pinewood children beyond the classroom to gain new attributes and experiences, which could be transferable later in life.

“Pinewood’s exciting, extensive and hugely ambitious new SKILLS programme truly sets the school apart from the other prep schools I know. The broad-minded and curious children who will be prepared to throw themselves into even a small number of these diverse activities and see where it leads them, are exactly the type of adventurous, interesting young men and women that my school, and I feel sure any Senior School, would be delighted to welcome as pupils.”
Louise Moelwyn-Hughes – Master of Marlborough College

“As a senior school Head, I am often asked what we are looking for in pupils applying to our school. Enthusiasm, a willingness to try new things and the ability to see that broadening your horizons brings success in so many different areas – even if you find things a challenge at first – are really top of my list in terms of desirable personal character traits. I have been so impressed by the SKILLS provision that is being offered at Pinewood, and I cannot wait to see the way in which the Pinewoodians put these brilliant new skills to good use.”
Nicola Huggett – Head at Cheltenham College

SKILLS is driven by some key principles, with three words at the heart of the curriculum, which encapsulate the relationship we want the children to have with the programme:

–        Explore new interests from a range of cross-curricular activities and pursuits.

–        Experience new skills within a supportive and encouraging environment.

–        Excel as an individual by embracing the opportunities that life has to offer.

With the different activities categorised within six different skill strands, there is variety and breadth in the offering and learning opportunities available:

Service and Society – Supporting the community and the environment, making a difference to the lives of others.

Knowledge and Curiosity – Stimulate and challenge the mind by exploring new material with an intellectual focus.

Imagination and Creativity – Let the imagination take over and get the creative juices flowing, through various expressive mediums.

Leisure and Activity – Discover what the body can do by experiencing new active and sporting disciplines.

Life Skills and Acquisition – Develop skills to enhance one’s enjoyment and impact in life.

Surroundings and Adventure – Explore beyond one’s comfort zone, embracing the outdoors and our idyllic surroundings.

“Really delighted by the SKILLS programme; it is such an exciting and welcome addition to the Pinewood offering. Fantastic variety that offers something for everyone, to challenge, develop and excel at. The SKILLS programme definitely takes it to the next level. Thank you so much!” (current parent)

“I like how fun it is because we get to mix with other year groups and make friends with them. There are a lot of options and it can be fun and educational.” (current pupil)

To view the wide range of SKILLS currently on offer, please click here.