School Minibus Runs

Pinewood currently operates three minibus runs (Monday to Friday) using the school minibuses and driven by school staff. 
Pick up and drop off times, venues and costs are as follows:


7.35am – The minibus picks up from ‘The Castle & Ball’ in the High Street (£4.50)

There are two return runs at the following times:

Leaves Pinewood at 4.35pm – drops in Marlborough (outside ‘Landmark in the High Street) at 5pm (£4.50) (Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri)
Leaves Pinewood at 5.35pm – drops in Marlborough (outside ‘Landmark’ in the High Street) at 6pm (£4.50) (Mon, Tues,Thurs, Fri)

Aldbourne & Chilton Foliat (one way only)

7.20am – Aldbourne (£2.95)
7.27am – Layby outside Chilton Foliat (£4.40)
7.30am – Chilton Foliat (£4.40)
7.36am – Shefford Woodlands (£3.70)
7.42am – Baydon (£2.65)

Precise pick-up locations will be advised on booking a place.

NB At present the minibus does not stop at Ramsbury (£3.70), but this can be arranged.

South Cerney (one way only)

7.30am – The minibus picks children up from the Cotswold Water Park Main Car Park (£4.70)
7.35am – Freke Arms, Hannington (£2.95)

For all runs:

2nd sibling is charged 2/3 cost
3rd sibling is charged 1/2 cost

To book places please contact the School Secretary, Kate King via the School Office on 01793 782205 or email

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