Learning Skills

Pinewood offers a high standard of Learning Skills support as part of its teaching expertise and resources.

Pupils with SEND or EAL exhibit excellent knowledge and understanding, due to the well-established support provided in individual lessons and well-targeted interventions.

ISI Inspection Report 2018

With 5 specialist teachers, the Learning Skills department is able to provide a wealth of experience and current, professional knowledge. We work closely with class teachers, parents and outside professionals, always with the aim of nurturing self-esteem, developing independent learning skills and encouraging and enabling each child to fulfil his or her potential, through appropriate teaching and support.

We advocate a graduated approach, aiming to remove barriers to learning. In practice, this ranges from working with class teachers to ensure thoughtful differentiation, appropriate in-class support and small group work, focused reading, spelling or handwriting groups, targeted booster group support or more specialised 1:1 teaching (a charged extra), to the provision of a school laptop to facilitate writing or organisational skills, or the option of a mentor in Year 7 & 8. In every case, the provision is tailored to the needs of the individual, and reviewed on a regular basis.

We aim to identify SEN and additional needs at the earliest possible opportunity, to strengthen vulnerable areas and develop skills that can be used to access the curriculum independently, all the way through to Common Entrance in Year 8 and entry to senior school.

Recent senior school choices for children with SEN and additional needs have included: Bradfield College, Bryanston, Cheltenham College, Cokethorpe, Dean Close, Kingham Hill, Malvern, Marlborough, Millfield, Milton Abbey, Monkton Combe, Rendcomb, St Edward’s Oxford and Sherborne.

We also welcome children with EAL or those who have an additional language at home. We aim to identify any needs these children may have and to support them appropriately.

It is always helpful to discuss any additional support that may be needed at the earliest opportunity, to ensure that we are able to provide appropriate support, so do contact Hannah David-Ward, Head of Learning Skills & Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCo). You may telephone, make an appointment or email Hannah at:


“My three words associated with Pinewood are: Aspiration (for what it gave me to achieve where I am today), Community (for how involved and supported I felt and continue to feel as an Old Pinewoodian) and finally Belief (for getting past my learning issues at Pinewood, using methods learnt then that still help me to this day).”  (Old-Pinewoodian, and ex-Learning Skills pupil, Ed W)


For policies relating to Learning Skills please go to our School Policies page. 

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